Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 1- Clean the Cupboards Challenge

Well, this was the easy day. I had strawberries for breakfast, and, a bit later, a browned corn tortilla. I also made a huge crock pot of lentils and some basmati rice that I can dole out throughout the week. I'll post a recipe tomorrow, but it's not my best work. It's totally acceptable, though. There are things I have which might have added to them nicely, but I didn't want to use them up in what was already a complete meal.

I made a simple salad of half of my remaining mixed greens and that leftover tomato piece for lunch, with some bottled ginger-miso dressing.

And then for dinner I lucked out. My boyfriend and I had a picnic while we watched the fireworks, and he bought a dozen blue crabs and made potato salad, and then foisted the leftovers on me (I didn't put up much of a fight). The potato salad didn't make it through the night (yum), but I can eat the crabs for lunch tomorrow. All that cracking and picking and foraging slows you down enough to forget you're hungry, anyway.

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