Sunday, July 7, 2013

Clean the Cupboards Challenge- recipe #1: "Some Kind of Lentil Thing"

I started out my challenge week by making a huge crockpot of lentils using what I had around. It turned out totally decent, but if it was a choice between this and my other lentil recipes, I'd definitely go for the others. But just in case you're curious, here you go.


1 cup vegetable broth*
1 onion, diced
2 cups of curry base using this recipe, which I keep in my freezer. It's not simple, but its good.
2 cups green lentils
4 cups of water
2 tsp salt
4 cloves of garlic, crushed
1 jalapeno
a handful of golden raisins

and totally unmeasured pinches of the following:

chili powder
garam masala


Uh, basically throw everything into a crock pot except the raisins, and then cook on high for about 6 hours. I threw the raisins in about an hour from the end, and then I served it over basmati rice and topped it with cilantro. Ta daa! And I'll be working on this stuff all week. I have enough to feed an army. OK maybe not an army. Well, if Vatican City or Monaco had an army. I could probably feed them.

* I make my own vegetable broth and have some in the freezer all the time. I keep a big ziploc bag in the freezer and every time I have vegetable scraps (ends of onions, the stalks off kale, the tops off celery, broccoli stumps, carrot ends, stuff that's too floppy to have a nice texture but is still edible) I put it in the bag, and when it's full, I boil it all up and portion it into 1 cup bags or containers.

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