Tuesday, July 9, 2013

CCC- Day 6

That egg purchase really changed my life. This morning I had two fried eggs for breakfast, more of the lentils and rice for lunch, and then breakfast tacos for dinner.

Included are some diced onion, a jalapeno from my garden, a clove of garlic, and diced zucchini, sauteed until soft, then I scrambled two eggs into that, served on four browned corn tortillas with chopped cilantro and some sriracha.

I'm down to just dried lentils, rice, a can of chickpeas, and the lentils I made the first day now (which I guess I should finish before they rot). I may call time of death on this experiment shortly. I also have to go buy groceries for a dinner party I'm going to on Saturday, so it will be hard to not let that spill out into Real Life.

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