Saturday, July 6, 2013

Clean the Cupboards Challenge- Day 3

What have I been up to on my No New Groceries challenge? Well, kind of lucking out/cheating, really. Dinner Thursday, lunch Friday, and breakfast and lunch Saturday were all made or bought by someone else! So yay! I'm eating the lentils I made the other day for dinner now, and there are SEVERAL portions left. I considered going and buying a cheap bottle of wine at Trader Joe's tonight, but then I figured there would be nothing stopping me from buying a carton of eggs while I was there, and that feels like cheating.

So that I don't end up eating lentils and rice all day tomorrow, I think I'll use the zucchini, tofu, maybe the shrimp if it looks not too freezer burned, and some of the sauces in my fridge to make a stirfry of some kind. Oh, I also ended up with some crackers after the picnic on Thursday, so I can use that can of tuna to make tuna salad and then have something on which to eat it. And I have THREE ripe tomatoes on my vines now!

So... doing fine with the challenge.

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