Monday, July 8, 2013

CCC- Day 5

I caved and bought eggs last night, and I feel like my quality of life has significantly improved! I had pancakes last night, then 2 fried eggs for breakfast, and more pancakes for lunch (yeah, I know... shut up), and for dinner, i finally cut into a butternut squash I've had around since butternut squash was in season. Luckily, these things seem to live at room temperature unscathed for months.

First, after gutting the squash, I thought "Hey, I'll bet you can roast those seeds like pumpkin seeds!" So I olive oiled, salted, and lightly cumined (What? It's totally a word... I mean. I made it one) them and roasted them for about 10-15 minutes until I heard popping noises coming from the oven and figured that was a sign of something. Totally delicious.

And while those were roasting, I was also roasting the pieces of squash, over which I poured a brown butter-sage sauce. Best. Stuff. Ever.

For the butter sauce, I just melted some butter over low heat until it began to brown, then added chopped sage from my garden, and one crushed garlic clove. I let that go for about a minute or so and took it off the heat just before the garlic seemed like it was about to begin to brown. So so so good. Really. It's also great over brussels sprouts. Or pasta. Or gnocchi. Or... the bottom of a bowl. I might have drank the remainder in the bottom of the bowl. Maybe. I'm not telling.

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