Thursday, August 7, 2014

Recycled Meals: Black Bean Soup

Yesterday, I made this delicious black bean soup which I've written about before. Super easy, cheap, make it in the crock pot, makes your whole house smell amazing soup. I shared some with a friend for dinner, had another bowl for breakfast (hey, I'm lazy and it was there), and then... I mean how many times can you eat the same soup before you get bored, right? I could have frozen the rest, but instead I recycled it into... ta daaaaa...


Granted, this is hardly the most healthy thing I have ever made, but I guess as far as nachos go, it could be worse. The soup thickens up overnight and takes on more of a refried bean-y texture. And I had cheese and chips and sour cream and stuff, so sure. Nachos. They were delicious. I probably could have given it a bit more bang with some diced tomatoes and avocado, but I didn't have any. My friend and I often refer to Poverty Nachos when we just melt cheese on chips. This is more of an Upper Working Class Nacho, according to that scale. It's a good scale. I hope it takes off.

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